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2 Reasons for White Ink on Clear Decals

Posted by Kelsey Ingram on Sep 1, 2017 3:04:19 PM

One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Why do I need to order white ink on Clear Decals?” This is a great question and there are two main reasons for adding the additional color, to increase ink opacity and contrast.

Adding White Ink to Increase Opacity

It may sound surprising, given the great durability and rich vibrant colors achieved with screen printing, but printing a color on clear material will yield a traditional “sun catcher” or “stained-glass window” look when held in the light of a window. You can avoid this by backing the artwork in white ink.

Take a look at the example below. The decal on the left is not backed in white ink. When the liner is removed, the blue lightens and becomes more transparent. The decal on the right includes white ink behind the printed image. As you can see, the red and black remains vibrant and consistent when the liner is removed.


Adding White Ink will Increase Color Contrast

The second reason to add white ink on clear decals is to increase contrast. We have all been stopped at a red light and looked at the decals on the rear window of the car in front of us. Do you remember seeing decals that were unreadable? These are typically the decals with dark graphics placed on a tinted window. The dark graphics are difficult to read or even see. The reason for this is lack of color contrast. The solution to this issue is to add white ink behind the artwork to ensure that the decal will stand out, rather than blend in, regardless of the surface color.

There are three ways to add white ink to your design. We can flood the entire decal with white ink (typically done for face applications only). The second is to extend the white ink slightly beyond the art elements to create a white halo (this is the best way to increase contrast against dark backgrounds like tinted windows or dark painted surfaces. Finally, we can simply print a white ink layer in tight register under the art element (the white ink will not be visible from the front of the decal.)

Sure, adding an extra color can increase the price of the decal, but it is well worth it. The whole purpose of a decal is to be seen and read, and if it’s difficult to do either than you are ultimately wasting your money.

Stouse offers Clear Decals in both stock Kwik-Ship sizes and custom dimensions. Choose from clear polyester with permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive or a clear static stick which uses no adhesive, yet holds the decal firmly in place. Face slits and hole punches are also available options.

To request samples or a quote, contact a Stouse customer service specialist today at 877-764-5757.

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