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3 Remarkably Effective Business Cards

Posted by Jennifer Hoyt on Jan 9, 2014 4:04:12 PM

Even in a digital world, business cards are an effective marketing tool and play a vital role in day-to-day business. They provide valuable contact information, name and brand recognition, and can complement a company’s online presence.

Business cards are a tangible and tactile reminder that people are behind emails and company websites. Tangible because people give and receive a physical card, which may or may not, render an impression (depending on the card). Tactile implies that giving something with different physical characteristics merits more attention and thus creates a more memorable experience. For example, using a heavier card stock or a foil and embossed logo might hold the receiver’s attention longer.

Listed below you will learn about three successful card options designed to improve recall or keep important information in front of a client.

  1. Clear-Specialty-Business-Card.jpgSpecialty Business Cards make a unique and memorable impression and trigger a conversation as soon as they are received. Choose from white, silver, gold and an eye-catching clear plastic, which clients will remember. Adding a matte varnish provides a pen receptive area to write an important note.


  1. BusBusiness-Card-Magnet.jpginess Card Magnets are essential for service industries, like heating and cooling, repair services and caterers that interact with customers on an infrequent basis. The magnet provides the customer a quick contact reference when placed on a refrigerator, file cabinet or toolbox.


  1. Healthcare providers, salons and appointment-driven businesses use Appointment Cards with a kiss-cut peel off calendar label as an inexpensive and fundamental reminder tool. The backside allows valuable space to incorporate a coupon to generate additional sales.

Every customer you have uses a business card or needs one, meaning everyone is a potential customer. Why not suggest cards proven to attract attention! Download a “client safe” flyer by clicking on an image below. Personalize the flyer by adding your contact information or logo and forward to your customers.

                                         Business_Cards_blank.jpg     Business_Cards_plain.jpg


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