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3 Popular Product Ideas for Schools

Posted by Kelsey Ingram on May 17, 2018 9:18:41 AM

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While students across the nation are counting down the days until summer break, school administrators are already busy planning for the next school year.

Spring and summer is the ideal time to reach out to schools with fresh ideas to help them prepare for the upcoming school year. At Stouse, we print a large variety of quality, cost-effective products that help boost school spirit, support fundraising efforts, and inform parents and students of special dates.

Here are three popular products to sell to schools:

1. Decals & Bumper Stickers – An economical way to boost school spirit, decals can be used to support school sports teams, clubs and student recognition programs. Decals and Bumper Stickers can be placed practically anywhere, including student notebooks, lockers and car windows, and are the perfect way for students, parents and staff to show their school pride wherever theySchool_Products_Image1 go!

Check out our most popular full-color decals for schools, including: Digital Kwik-Ship Circles, Ovals, and Square Cornered Rectangles, in a variety of material and adhesive choices. Bumper Stickers offer the option to print on the backside liner, perfect for coupons or sponsorships. (Back imprint is priced as an additional color.)

2. Fundraising Cards – From schools to sports teams, there are plenty of groups who need help raising money. Deluxe Loyalty School_Products_ImageCards are the perfect solution. Rather than offering a single product or offer, combine multiple offers from local merchants onto a single card.

The front of the card can be customized with a school’s name, mascot and or fundraising message while the back of the card lists all of the offers.

At Stouse our Deluxe Loyalty Cards are available as individual cards, or with 1 or 2 key tags.

3. School Calendar Magnets – There’s a lot to keep track of every school year, from the first day of calendar magnetschool to picture day and conferences. School Calendar Magnets keep everyone in the know. Practical and convenient, these magnets inform staff, parents, and students about important events throughout the school year. Unlike paper, magnets stick right on the fridge or filing cabinet for easy reference.

Here at Stouse, we offer both round and square corner options in two thicknesses, approximately .019” and .036”. Use our templates to customize your calendar and color code special dates.

Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to help schools prepare for the next school year!

Download our 2018 School Products Brochure for additional product ideas today.

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