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5 Products to Cross-Sell with Equipment Labels

Posted by Jennifer Hoyt on Aug 4, 2015 9:33:50 AM

Industrial and Equipment Labeling is one of the most popular markets at Stouse, but our product line for this industry doesn't stop at Custom Decals. Cross-selling is an easy way to increase your revenue by offering additional products to an existing customer.

Popular industries that purchase equipment labeling include construction companies, equipment rentals, heating and cooling companies, and manufacturing. These companies are looking for products to highlight warnings, instructions, safety cautions, security and branding.

The following products go hand-in-hand with any industrial or equipment label and make for an easy cross-sell:

1. Hard Hat Decals

Many companies use Hard Hat Decals in conjunction with safety programs, identifying the number of accident-free years. Stouse offers 16 stock shapes or order a custom shape for the company’s logo!

2. Business Card Magnets

Hand out Business Card Magnets to employees with the call-in phone number or emergency contact information. Business Card Magnets are long-lasting, affordable and easy to distribute!

3. Magstripe Cards

Magstripe Cards provide access control to help protect and manage the security of the building. Magstripe Cards can also be used for parking lot control, door entry or cafeteria systems.

4. Banners

Show quality goals, special events and announce upcoming projects with Banners. All banners are printed in 4-color process and available in stock and custom sizes.

5. Parking Permits

Hang Tag Parking Permits are a popular way to control parking enforcement in parking lots. With material choices that include white vinyl, reflective, clear polyester, clear static and a variety of other material options for hang tags, you will be sure to find a design and construction to meet your requirements. Add numbers and an expiration date to enhance security.

Contact Stouse if you need any samples or additional ideas to help you win your next order!

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