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Custom Applications Are Easy When You Ask The Right Questions

Posted by Kelsey Ingram on Nov 29, 2017 9:54:43 AM

Sometimes customers get nervous when they hear the word “custom.” Thoughts of “complicated” and “expensive” creep into their minds. At Stouse, custom applications are easy when you ask the right questions. Below is a list of questions we suggest asking your client before contacting Stouse for a quote. Once you have the answers to these questions, our knowledgeable customer service department will guide you through the process of selecting and pricing your item.

  1. Is the product for indoor or outdoor use? How will the product be used? Knowing this will help us determine the iStock-462028213-024940-edited.jpgproper material, if overlamination is required, and the adhesive formulation   (if needed).

  2. How many colors are used in the artwork? Stouse offers both spot and 4-color process printing options. Knowing how many colors are included in the artwork, will make it easier to select the best printing option for your order.

  3. What size and shape does the finished product need to be? Having specific measurements will aid in determining if a stock size is available or if die-cutting is needed. Email a photograph or actual artwork for the most accurate quote.

  4. How many do you need? Knowing the specific quantity needed will ensure that you receive accurate pricing. We can even price out quantity breaks if you are unsure of the final quantity.

  5. When does the order need to be delivered? Is it a rush order? Stouse understands that sometimes rush orders come up. Let us know your in-hands date. Additionally, we offer a variety of shipping options to our customers. Knowing when the order needs to be delivered will help our customer service team choose the best shipping option for your order.

  6. Are there any special packaging requests? This could include anything from shrink-wrapping to shipping to multiple locations. Knowing these specifics will ensure that you receive the most accurate quote and finished product.

Everything at Stouse is made-to-order, so essentially everything we do is custom. We are experts who have been printing decals, magnets, roll labels, signs, and plastic products for more than 40 years … and counting. 

Need a quote now?  Enter your information in our Quote Request form online. You may also call us toll free at 877-764-5757 or send an email with your specifications to We look forward to helping you with your next order.

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