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Do it with Decals!

Posted by Jennifer Hoyt on Oct 29, 2013 12:31:14 PM

When asked, “What product will help my client increase name or brand recognition and get their message across?” We say, “Do it with Decals!”

Decals are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. They are affordable, durable, and easy to distribute. Here are three “case studies” illustrating how your clients can solve their business problems with decals:

Case #1: Grassroots Nonprofit Organization

Problem: They need to get their message out quickly on a tight budget
Solution: Kwik-Ship Decals

Kwik-Ship Decals, Chrome Kwik-Ship Decals on chrome material.

Kwik-Ship Decals are available in eight different materials to suit the design and offer a quicker turnaround time than a custom decal. Many of the decal sizes are small enough to fit in a standard envelope, making them easy to distribute.

Hot Tip! Suggest including a QR code on the front of the decal. Your client can link their decal message to a web address with additional information, maybe even a video, explaining their mission and prompting visitors for support.

Case #2:  Membership Organization

Problem: They are looking for ways to reward members and/or fundraise at a very low cost
Solution: Kwik-Ship Decals with sponsorships

Kwik-Ship Decals, Clear Back Kwik-Ship Decal on clear material.

Organizations such as booster clubs, car enthusiasts, travel and auto clubs, school and youth sports teams are often looking for something to give away to members or potential members. We also haven’t met an organization yet that isn’t also looking for ways to raise money. Kwik-Ship Decals are inexpensive products that offer placement for advertisers or sponsors on the backside liner of the decal, giving organizations a way to do both at the same time!

Case #3: Service Company

Problem: Customers keep losing their contact information. They want a way for customers to find their phone number quickly and easily when it is time to schedule routine services.
Solution: Leave an identification decal behind

Kwik-Ship Decals, Brushed Chrome Kwik-Ship Decal on brushed chrome material.

Service companies that interact with customers only quarterly (or less often) scratch their heads about how to remind customers of their contact information when it is time for routine maintenance. A durable decal with contact information and a space to write in a recommended service date fits the bill. Stuck directly onto the AC unit, water heater, humidifier, or furnace, the decal will quietly hang around until the next service is needed providing the customer a reference to quickly make the call.


So, the next time your customer needs a quick solution to increasing their brand awareness or generating more business, consider doing it with decals!

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