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How to Increase Sales with Custom Wholesale Magnets:  4 Tips to Help You Sell More

Posted by April Ward on Jan 16, 2018 10:00:00 AM


Whether it’s a business card magnet from a real estate agent or an outdoor vehicle magnet promoting a local plumber, custom magnets are a popular way for businesses to increase brand recognition, find new customers, and increase sales.

So, what is the best way to sell more magnets to your customers? Below are few suggestions to help you identify new customers and increase profits.









1. Fundraising with detachable magnetic coupons
Did you know that custom wholesale magnets can be used to support fundraising efforts? At Stouse, we print magnets with detachable coupons on the corners giving businesses the ability to advertise directly on the magnet. That’s right. A local pizzeria can purchase advertising space on the magnet, allowing a school or charity to raise funds. It’s a win-win! 

Do you work with a school, charity or church? Ask them if they would like to increase their fundraising dollars with Detachable Outdoor Coupon Magnets.


 2. Schedule magnets with advertising

Another way to help raise funds is to sell advertising space on Schedule Magnets. Instead of simply printing the schedule on a magnet, include space at the bottom of the magnet to allow businesses to advertise their products and services.

Do you know a real estate agent or electrician? How about a local chiropractor or computer repair store? Now you can connect your network to your customers and help everyone meet their annual financial goals.

There are no art charges for approved digital artwork and most orders can be printed and shipped in approximately five working days. We also have art templates available to help expedite the design process. Help your customers raise more money by connecting advertising with their custom printed products. 


3. Magnets to promote local businesses

Magnets are a cost-effective way for small or medium size businesses to promote their company. Instead of purchasing expensive television, radio and newspaper ads, companies can place a Magnetic Sign on their car or truck, promoting their business to thousands of potential customers each day. 


If your customer is looking for a new way to promote their business, here’s an idea. Instead of purchasing just one large vehicle magnet, consider adding 100 mini magnets to the order. These mini magnets can also be placed on a vehicle, providing those passing by with the ability to take a magnet for future use. 

Think about the potential! Other mobile businesses like food trucks, pet groomers, locksmiths, caterers, mobile health clinics, plumbers, electricians and handyman services would be a great fit for this type of marketing. Stock Mini Magnets are very affordable, providing tremendous opportunity for you to increase profits. Help your customers take magnets to a whole new level with custom magnets that work. 


4. How to win your first order

FundraisingProductsSalesSheet12152017.jpgTo help secure your first order, download our Free Sales Sheets. These sales sheets can be branded with your logo and business name providing you with an easy way to show your customers their product options. 

Download Free Sales Sheets:

  1. Fundraising Products
  2. Calendar Magnets
  3. School Calendars
  4. Real Estate Products - (Magnetic Signs) 

Once you have downloaded the sales sheets, call your customers to set up a meeting. Discuss the opportunity to improve fundraising dollars and increase promotional efforts for their business. You’ll be selling more custom magnets and increasing sales in no time. 

As you can see, there are several creative ways to use custom magnets to achieve your customers’ goals. From Schedule Magnets for schools to Magnetic Signs for small business owners, your customers will benefit from having quality printed products that get noticed. 

The next time you need quality custom wholesale magnets, contact Stouse. We would love to provide a quote for your next printing project. Custom wholesale magnets are our specialty.


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