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Insider Tips on How to Submit Orders that get Placed First (in 5 easy steps)

Posted by Lori Woodbury on Nov 11, 2015 10:13:01 AM

At Stouse, our Order Entry department is in charge of getting all orders entered into our system correctly.  They translate hundreds of different PO’s each day and enter that many orders.  Our Order Entry Specialists take a lot of care to ensure that your order is entered with accurate information.  When a job is submitted with good art and the PO, or online order, has all the relevant information, that job will get entered and moved on without delay.  However, when jobs are submitted with incomplete / incorrect information, this requires extra time to correct the errors.  Below are 5 easy steps to ensure that your job gets entered accurately and on time.

  1. Order online or use a PO

Placing orders on our website is quick and easy.  Any catalog quote can be converted into an order on our site.  Simply type the item number in the search box, scroll to the Price It Now function, complete the quote, and then click “Order this item”.  You will be taken to an order entry form where you will give all relevant information.  If you prefer to use a PO, that’s ok too.  Just make sure the PO you use includes all of the information on our order form (see image below).

Order Form image Stouse Order Form

  1. Address all specs needed to complete the order. Forgetting to address key information can result in jobs getting held up while we wait for answers.
  • Your name, company name, and all contact information
  • Stouse item number
  • Quantity
  • Colors – include names and either standard Stouse numbers or PMS numbers.
  • Size
  • Material
  • If printing on clear material, is white to print? If so, how should it print (i.e. back art only, halo art, or flood the entire background)
  • Is a proof required? What email address do you want that sent to?
  • Ship address
  • Ship method
  • Do you have an in hands date?
  • Do you have a coupon? 
  1. Double check your work

Make sure any sizes, colors, and pricing on your PO are correct.  Without a complete and accurate PO, the job could see delays while we contact you for answers.

  1. Submit high quality artwork

When you send in good artwork, your job will move through the art department smoothly without delays.  Good artwork means 300dpi or higher or vector art.  We accept art as PDF, ai, or eps files.  Customers should submit JPEG files for reference only.  Typically JPEG files are saved at a lower resolution and are not print ready.

  1. Refer to a previous job and/or quote if there is one.

This gets Order Entry pointed in the right direction quickly and cuts down on time spent researching your account for necessary information.

Our goal is to move your jobs through our system as quickly as possible.  When we have all the necessary information, your order will not get held up with unnecessary questions. 

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