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Increase Restaurant Traffic on Slow Days with Decals

Posted by Jennifer Hoyt on Oct 3, 2014 4:48:08 PM

A promotional products distributor recently came to us asking for ideas to help their local pub increase restaurant traffic on their slow days. Stouse has a host of products designed to produce amazing results in the restaurant market.

Apparel Hang Tag Decals Increase Restaurant Traffic

To start, attach a branded hang tag to the t-shirts you already sell to them. Apparel Hang Tag Decals add value and bring in customers on slow days. "How?" you ask. On the decal side of the hang tag, print the pub's logo (as a car window decal) and on the backside liner, print a coupon announcing a special for a typically slow day. For example, "Wear our T-Shirt in on Tuesdays to Receive 10% off an Entrée." A patron inclined to purchase a shirt would likely display a decal on their car advertising their favorite local pub. In addition, by adding the "decal tag" and Tuesday special, the pub could also increase the selling price of the t-shirt from $15.00 to $20.00. To recap, you have added $5.00 per shirt sale, free advertising on car windows, more people wearing the pub's branded shirts on Tuesdays, and additional traffic buying food on an otherwise slow day.

Increase Restaurant Traffic with Apparel Hang Tag Decals
"Apparel Hang Tag Decals add value and bring in customers on slow days."

Entice Customers Using Traditional Point Of Purchase Products

Other ideas to ramp up sales and increase restaurant traffic include posting Extra Large Window Decals printed with the daily specials or upcoming events on the front window. Coasters offer another way to get the word out and increase traffic. Consider printing a QR code linking to the pub's facebook page, menu, list of specials, or event videos. The list goes on and on ... Floor Decals, Table Tents, Posters and Counter Signs, Roll Labels, and custom items like ceiling danglers, menus and opaque labels to make menu changes. Stouse can help you make sure your local pub keeps coming back to you for ideas.

Contact Stouse if you need ideas and samples to present your clients. We are happy to help!


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