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Product of the Day: Stouse Wholesale Bumper Stickers

Posted by April Ward on Mar 22, 2018 10:00:00 AM

We print millions of Bumper Stickers each year making Stouse one of the largest manufacturers of wholesale Bumper Stickers in the nation. These decals are popular because Bumper Stickers have a low cost per impression. One Bumper Sticker placed on the back of a car may be seen by thousands of other drivers on a daily basis over the life of the product. Now that’s a great return on investment!

One of our most popular 4-Color Process Bumper Stickers is Item No. 2502.

Spotlight on Item No. 2502

Material: White Vinyl
Production Time: Approximately 5 working days
Size: 11 ½” x 3”

Wholesale Bumper Stickers |

Our wholesale Bumper Stickers are weather resistant and will hold up to the elements for an extended period of time. The pressure-sensitive adhesive can be removed within 6 months of the initial application, making them a great option for permanent and temporary promotional use.

Many Bumper Stickers are actually placed on the rear windows of vehicles (not bumpers), which are typically tinted. This makes the Bumper Stickers easier to remove and allows the artwork to visibly “pop” and attract additional attention. Bumper Stickers are a popular way to advertise for a large variety of people, places, and things. Bumper Stickers from Stouse are ideal for:

  • School honor roll students
  • Athletic teams
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Restaurants and breweries
  • Social issues
  • Political candidates

Don’t forget to use the valuable space on the liner (backside) of the Bumper Stickers. Print coupons or sponsorship information to potentially bring in more business or draw additional interest in the cause. Remember to include a web address or QR code to generate traffic to the advertisers' website.

If you need wholesale Bumper Stickers, call Stouse. Our knowledgeable customer service team will work with you to select the right materials, adhesives, and finish to ensure you receive both what you want AND what you need. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will be managing your project from beginning to end.

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