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Product of the Day: Wholesale Coupon Magnets

Posted by April Ward on Apr 24, 2018 7:02:58 AM

Did you know? Stouse has wholesale magnets that are perfect for fundraising! Schools, youth sports teams, churches, and nonprofit organizations are always looking for unique ways to raise money for various programs. Let's take a closer look at Outdoor Coupon Magnets.

Spotlight on Outdoor Coupon Magnets

Spot Color Item Nos. 2977, 2983, and 2985
4-Color Process Item Nos. 3677, 3683, and 3685

Material: .030" Magnet
Production Time: Approximately 5 working days
Size: 6” x 6” Square with interior Oval, Circle, or Paw Shapes

Wholesale Coupon Magnets

These clever magnets have four detachable coupon areas, one in each corner, to promote a sponsor. The organization raising money can easily offset the cost of the magnets by selling the corner coupon spaces to local businesses.

Once the coupon magnets are printed and delivered, the group leverages the coupons to sell the magnets to their supporters and local community as a fundraiser.

Supporters detach the corner coupons to use them at the sponsor businesses, bringing in additional sales, and keep the center for their refrigerator, toolbox, or vehicle to promote or endorse the school, team, cause, or organization. From purchasing new school uniforms to buying groceries for a food bank, fundraising efforts with coupon magnets are endless.

Fundraising Example
Let's say your customer, a high school football booster club, needs to raise funds to purchase new equipment. The members of the booster club are confident they can sell 1000 magnets to families and the local community for a reasonable price, say $5 each. They find four local businesses that are willing to buy coupon space to advertise their business and support the team.

To determine the corner cost for each sponsor, simply divide the total cost of the magnet into four to cover the magnet printing and shipping cost. When the coupon magnets arrive, the booster club can divide them up and sell them at 100% profit.

The buyers support their team with a magnet to display and four detachable coupons to save money at sponsoring businesses. The sponsors gain additional sales and potentially new customers. And the booster club raises the money for the new equipment.

It's a win-win opportunity! 

Stouse has three coupon magnet templates to choose from giving you the flexibility you need. 

Coupon Magnet Template Shapes

Visit Spot Color or 4-Color Process Outdoor Magnets to view magnets online or contact a member of customer service for a quote today!

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