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Secure Your Market with Security Yard Signs & Decals

Posted by Paula Lauer on Feb 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM

It can be a bit intimidating to approach selling into a new market, particularly if you are unsure where to start.

Consider targeting the home security solutions market. Recent studies show this market is growing due to technology advances, revived incomes, and an increased interest in home monitoring. Stouse, a wholesale printer, offers many items perfectly suited for this industry. Not only that, many of the products sold in this market offer repeat order opportunities, like Security Yard Signs and Security Decals.

Wholesale Security Yard Signs and Decals from Stouse

A good approach to selling to the home security market involves bundling several items as a sales kit. I would suggest including a Security Yard Sign and stake to display in the yard, a matching Security Decal to place in the door window, an Identification Decal to stick on the keypad unit, and a Mini Magnet to leave on the refrigerator. Additionally, these product kits will likely be stored in a warehouse. Keep in mind, the storage location will need some sort of labeling and signage as well.

Wholesale Security Yard Signs and More from Stouse

Security installation companies also require identification and branding on their service vehicles, such as Magnetic Signs or Truck Door Decals. Stouse produces a variety of wholesale signs to fit most printed signage needs.

Sales Tip! Suggest Door Knob Hangers as a way to generate more business when distributed in a local area after an installation. Include an offer like free estimates or a service coupon and contact information to encourage responses.

Download a Security Products Sales Sheet to advertise common products used in the security market. Simply type in your contact information, save and print or forward on as needed.

If you have questions or need samples to present to your clients, contact customer service today toll free at 877-764-5757 or

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