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The Life and Times of a Stouse Order

Posted by Jennifer Hoyt on Mar 28, 2016 2:12:35 PM told by a Stouse Order

It seems like only yesterday I was a Stouse Quote, hoping to someday become a real live order and now here I am, a gorgeous 4-Color Process Bumper Sticker with a valuable coupon on my liner.

People constantly ask me how I got to where I am today. It is really very simple.

First, I was emailed to Stouse along with my artwork. My art was evaluated and found to be vector artwork, perfect for any print method that Stouse might use. I was handed over to the Stouse order entry department where I was logged into the Stouse system so that if anyone had a question or wanted to check up on me, I would be easy to find. This also gave me a reserved spot right at the front of the line, so that another order that arrived at Stouse later than me couldn’t try to cut in front.

Stouse Order

Now I had an official Stouse job number and went to an order entry expert to be entered. Ooops! That is when we discovered that my quantity was missing from my purchase order. No problem, though! They whisked me away to an order specialist who called to get the information.

After we got this figured out, I went back to the same Stouse order entry expert to finish being entered, checked thoroughly and my acknowledgment sent. I immediately went to the Stouse graphics department to an artist who specialized in my type of product. I didn’t need a proof so the artist got me ready for production and sent me straight to the Stouse order layout department. They looked me over and ganged me with a few other similar jobs so that we could all be printed at the same time. Stouse is always looking for ways to be more efficient so that orders move as quickly as possible. My gang was sent right out to production where the Stouse evening shift moved us to the press that would do the best job with our artwork.

We were printed that evening and were sent to the Stouse finishing department where we would have our liners slit for easy removal and each of us would be cut to our correct size. I was sad to see the other orders go their separate ways, but at Stouse, there is no time wasted. So we all went to the Stouse packaging department where we were counted and quality checked to make sure that all the instructions on our purchase orders were followed.

One of the jobs in my gang needed to be shrink wrapped in 100’s, but I was OK with being bulk packed and went straight from being packaged to the Stouse shipping department. Very shortly after that, I was on a truck and on the way to my destination with my own tracking number.

Now I can sit back and enjoy all the compliments and know that when it is time to order more, all we have to do is contact Stouse and say, “Exact repeat, please!”.

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