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Submit Print Ready Art with Stouse Templates

Posted by Jennifer Hoyt on Aug 13, 2015 3:14:48 PM

Stouse has created templates for all stock items available in .eps and .pdf format. Each template includes a bleed line, cut line, and cut margin line.

  • Cut Margin- Represents area in which all copy should be placed.
  • Cut Line/Die Line- Represents the edge of the product.
  • Bleed Line- Represents how far the image or color should go beyond the cut/die line.

The bleed and cut margin requirements may vary from item to item. As the size of the product increases, so does the cut margin requirement. Different materials and print methods also factor into the requirements. Using our templates will help you cover your bases when getting the art print ready.

How to Download Templates:

There are numerous ways to navigate to the templates.

1. When viewing an item on, simply scroll to towards the bottom until you see an icon for "Download Template":

Download Template


2. Select the "Art Info" tab in the horizontal tool bar at the top of the Stouse website. In the drop down menu, click "Download Templates". Then, you will navigate to the item you are looking for by product category.

Download Templates


3. If you know the Stouse item number, type a “t” before the number in the search engine on This will take you directly to the template page!

Search for Templates Example: Type "t6281" and you will be directed straight to the template for item 3681.

How to Use Stouse Templates:

Once you have selected "Download Template" you will have the option of using an .eps file or a .pdf file. Both file extensions are the sample template, save the format you are most comfortable working with. Open the template in your art program (We recommend Adobe Illustrator) and begin designing!

Download Templates


When laying out the artwork, be sure to keep all text/graphics inside of the red dotted line that you do not want to bleed off of the edge. The cut will naturally vary a bit from piece to piece and keeping all important elements inside of the cut margin area will insure that they will not be cut off.

Cut Margin - Good      Cut Margin - Bad

All text is inside of cut margin area.                                         Text is outside of cut margin area and may be cut off. 

Benefits of Using Templates:

Stouse offers several special shapes as stock items and using our templates can save time with the art setup. Take item #3681 for example, our Outdoor Ribbon Magnet. Instead of guessing the die line and shape of our stock ribbon, simply lay your artwork out on the template. Templates save time both on your end and ours.

There are a variety of Stouse products that include stock art in the layout.

If you are ordering a custom product and would like the cut margin and bleed requirements, contact our customer service department for more information.


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