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The Word on Shelf Talkers – 5 Tips for Capturing Attention

Posted by Kelsey Ingram on Aug 15, 2017 4:39:18 PM

Take a stroll down any supermarket aisle and you will notice them, jumping out from store shelves silently screaming for your attention to buy now. They are shelf talkers, and they are extremely effective at moving product.

Studies show that nearly half of all purchase decisions are made at the point of purchase.  In other words, many consumers enter a store not knowing what they want and they need help making a selection. It is during this selection process where a shelf talker can make the difference between your product being purchased or passed over.

An effective shelf talker does more than just draw attention to your product. It helps to differentiate your product from the others and persuades the consumer that purchasing your product is the better choice.

So what makes a shelf talker effective? The following 5 tips will help you create an attention-grabbing shelf talker that sells.

1. Make it readable Consumers shouldn’t have to squint to read your shelf talker. Make sure all typefaces are bold and clear, and can be read at a distance. Try using the colors black, red and white as they’re easier to read.

2. Keep it short - You don't have much space on a shelf talker. So keep your message short and clear. Focus your copy on a single benefit or unique selling feature.

3. Use Power Words - Power words are proven to be an effective advertising tool. These are the words that excite and trigger desire of shoppers to pick up and learn more about the product. Examples of these words are free, extra, special, exclusive, #1, premium, and new.

4. Graphics should be minimal - Graphics are great, but not at the expense of your message.  Often images and graphics work against the effective delivery of your message. Make sure the artwork chosen highlights, not overshadows your message. 

5. Consider shape and movement - Want your shelf talker to stick out in the crowd? Consider using a die-cut shape in lieu of the more traditional rectangle. You may also consider one that wobbles vs. a stationary design as motion tends to capture the eye.

Small, but mighty shelf talkers are a POS add-on that clearly deserves a second look.

Here at Stouse, we produce plastic Shelf Talkers in three popular shapes, printed in 4-color process. The tabs on our shelf talkers are designed to snap-in the grooves on the edge of store shelves. We can also add double-sided tape to the tabs if desired at an additional cost. We can easily create a custom shape; simply give us an idea of the size and shape needed.

If you’re ready to place an order or want to learn more about this product, give our customer service team a call toll free at 877-764-5757.

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