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Tips to Creating Standout Banners

Posted by Kelsey Ingram on Aug 1, 2017 11:48:48 AM

Go to any trade show or job fair and down every aisle you will see a slew of banners. Why so many? Banners are extremely popular because of their ability to immediately convey a message to passersby. They are also cost-efficient, easy to assemble and dismantle, and extremely durable.

But in a sea of banners how do you make sure yours stands out from the crowd and reaches as many people as possible? Below are six tips to help you create standout banners.

Start Branding at the Top - The most valuable real estate is at the top of your banner. This is where passersby naturally look first, and what they are most likely to remember about your banner.  At the top is where you want to place your company name and logo. Be sure to make it prominent, so your audience immediately knows and remembers who you are.

Keep Text Minimal - Too many words can overcrowd your banner and overwhelm your audience. Keep your message concise and to the point. A few keywords are all it takes to attract passersby and strike up a conversation.

Brand With Company Colors - Include your company colors on the banner. Remember, less is more. While your color scheme is helpful in reinforcing your brand identity, you don’t want your color palette to distract from your message.

Use Quality Graphics - When it comes to selecting the perfect graphics for your banner, steer clear of low-resolution images. Instead use high-resolution graphics that are crisp and clear, with vibrant colors that will pop. Don’t overcrowd your banner with too many graphics. Using just one high-quality graphic is all you need to catch the eye of passersby.   

Don’t Forget Your Contact Information - Your banner should give your audience all the information they need to contact you in the future.  Be sure to include and make highly visible, your website, phone number, and social media information. You may even want to add a QR code, so that your contact information can be easily scanned and stored to a smart phone. 

Choose the Right Size - Banners can be printed in a number of different sizes for a variety of different purposes. Keep in mind that a banner that is too small for your environment risks going unnoticed, while a banner that is too large can end up being overwhelming and intrusive. Make sure the banner size you choose makes sense for the setting you plan to use it in.

Armed with these six tips in hand, you are now ready to design a company banner that will not only stand out, but will be remembered.

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