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Unique Holiday Card Ideas From Stouse.

Posted by Lori Woodbury on Nov 22, 2016 2:26:57 PM

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Something I look forward to most this time of year is the holiday cards.  I love seeing the creative ways my friends and family send me their season’s greetings.  Typically I get the 5"x7” card or the 4"x8” photo card, and I usually send out the same thing.  This year, I want to send something different, unique, outside the box.  I started thinking about my options and the light came on.

Why not Stouse for holiday cards?  No, we don’t sell the typical holiday card, but I’m not looking for “typical”.  And many of your customers probably aren’t either, right?

Here are three unique ideas for holiday cards from Stouse.

Picture Frame Magnet

Holiday Picture Frame Magnet

  1. Suggest that your customers put a picture (their family, pet, favorite vacation spot, etc) in the removable center portion of the magnet and then fill the body of the magnet with their holiday greeting. Or switch it up and put the greeting in the removable center and have an image, a verse or a holiday carol in the body of the magnet (as shown above).  Doing the latter really allows this to function as a greeting card as well as a small gift.  The recipient can use the picture frame magnet to put their own refrigerator-worthy pictures on display.
  2. Business customers should LOVE this idea. It’s a great way to wish their customers well and keep the business contact info front and center on the household communication center (i.e the ‘fridge).  Use the removable center as a business card and convey important information in the body of the magnet (cost of services, coupons, locations, etc).

Project Specs:

  • Our largest picture frame magnet is our item #967, sized at 3.75” x 6” and .019” thick.
  • We have 9 different standard size options for this product. Custom sizes/shapes are available with a die charge.
  • Production time is only 5 working days for catalog quantity orders (there's still plenty of time to get these produced and in the mail!)
  • If your customer orders 125 of these magnets, suggested retail is $1.54. That’s $0.15 less than the same quantity of paper cards from a well-known online stationary site.
  • Concerned about the cost of mailing this project? Don’t be.  According to the USPS as long as the thickness of the magnet is under 0.32”, and the size of the magnet does not exceed 26 square inches, then your magnetic holiday card will arrive to greet your customers as planned.  (The USPS also notes that the magnet may face the address or the non-address side of the envelope so either way it goes in, you’re fine).

Postcard Decal

Rays Heating & Cooling Postcard Decal     Ray's Heating & Cooling Postcard Decal

  1. Our postcard decal, is a great for any business, school or group (see page 43 of our catalog). Sell this idea to customers wanting to increase their brand awareness with a bumper sticker or to service industry businesses who want customers to label their equipment with Identification Decals.  The decal side (as shown in the example below) contains kiss cut decals that peel off.  The “postcard” side can be printed with one spot color to convey their holiday greetings.
  2. This holiday card is sure to stand out and is mutually beneficial. For your customer, the decal will remain long after most holiday cards have been disposed of.  For the recipient, they receive a purposeful, useful piece that also conveys the sender’s well-wishes.

Project Specs:

  • You can choose from one of four standard layouts. Custom shapes/sizes are available with a die charge.
  • Produced on white vinyl with permanent adhesive, this material is suitable for inside or outside use.
  • 5 day production time for catalog quantity orders.
  • Standard postcard rates apply when mailed through USPS.

Coaster Board Card

Hill City Red Card    Hill City Red Card

  1. Coaster material is great for coasters, but also great for unexpected pieces, like holiday cards. These can be printed 4-color process on both sides, or custom quoted as a screen printed coaster for heavier ink saturation.  Suggest this idea to your Brewery Customers for a holiday card that’s eye catching and promotes their brand.
  2. Another idea for Brewery Customers is to create an “ornament” out of coasterboard to be sent as a small token or as a holiday card. Its use is twofold and functional.

Project Specs:

  • Coaster material is recyclable and biodegradable. But don’t let that worry you.  Our coasters are highly absorbent and will withstand the test of time.
  • Available in .035” and .055” material.
  • 5 day production time for catalog quantity orders.
  • Seven standard dies available in the catalog. Custom shapes/sizes are available with a die charge.

There are countless other materials that can be used to create a very custom piece for any time of year.

Different.  Unique.  Outside-the-box.

Let Stouse help you and your customer’s get noticed this holiday season!

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