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Thirsty for Sales Ideas? Quench it with Water Bottle Labels!

Posted by Jennifer Hoyt on Mar 31, 2015 3:41:30 PM

Let’s face it … we all get thirsty. How many times do you reach for a water bottle? How many trade shows, meetings, or social events have you attended that offer water bottles to quench your thirst?


Water Bottle Labels are fantastic mini billboards for businesses, causes, events, and social celebrations. Not only will the recipient notice the label, so will individuals that are within viewing distance of the recipient. This generates more opportunities for impressions and name recognition overall.

Water Bottle Labels Examples of Water Bottle Labels

Low Cost per Impression, Versatile, and Durable

What’s more, they are easy to sell because the cost is only pennies per impression when you think about how many people will actually be seeing the label. Water Bottle Labels are available in four different sizes to fit various bottles. The labels are printed in 4-color process on a white or clear BOPP, a synthetic material that will stand up to use in a cooler of ice. Pick up bottled water locally to save expensive shipping costs and add our easy to apply Water Bottle Labels as needed.


Even in day-to-day operations, water bottles with a custom label make good business sense. For example, the car dealership near our home offers customers buying vehicles bottled water with custom labels while they wait for the finance paperwork to finish up. They also offer them to people in the service waiting area (and not just the VIP customers.) It is obvious the dealership is thinking about their customers in advance. Sometimes little things can make a big impression. Great hospitality along with excellent service goes a long way. How many people don’t finish the whole bottle and take it with them to the next errand they have to run … giving the dealership even more exposure and opportunity for advertising outside of their own four walls.

Easy to Sell

So, where can you sell Water Bottle Labels? Many companies like dealerships, insurance agencies and realtors stock a fridge for meetings or sponsor cause-related events and community gatherings. Think about all of the spring and summer events that take place in your area alone. Visit with the events committee at the local chamber of commerce or convention center. Many hotel chains offer bottled water to their “rewards” guests upon check-in. Offer them to your existing clients. Order a self-promo advertising your own business (ask for our self-promo discount too.)


Lastly, check out the following list of sales ideas:Popular Uses of Water Bottle Labels








Quench your customers’ thirst for ways to increase name recognition with Water Bottle Labels. Additional ideas perfect for events include Coasters, Stickless Rally Fans, Corrugated Signs, and Banners. Visit our website or contact a member of our marketing team if you need more ideas at

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