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Which Sign is Right for your Customer?

Posted by Lori Woodbury on Sep 15, 2015 10:49:14 AM

Back to school; upcoming holidays; political races….what do these have in common?  They are all events that bring customers to you to order signs.  With so many signs to choose from, how do you know which one is right for the occasion?  Read on to find out!

The most popular signs at Stouse are Fold-Over Posters (item #299), Glued Posters (items #271 & #272), and Corrugated Signs (various item numbers, #8504 is ordered most frequently). These signs can all be used for any event, but depending on your customers’ needs, there are different points to consider.  Below you will find a summary of each sign detailing the pros, cons and most common use.  

#299 Fold-Over Posters

Fold-Over Posters

Made of 18 point weather-resistant poster board, our Fold-Over Posters are made for outdoor use.  Sold with or without frames, the posters are shipped flat but scored down the middle.  Light assembly is required to fold and staple the posters.  These posters are great for any event but are used most commonly for political signage for local and regional campaigns.  Fold-Over Posters are also used in retail settings to advertise an event or sale.


  • Quick turnaround time – 6 working days for quantities of 2500 or less
  • Less expensive than corrugated for quantities of 250+
  • 5 standard sizes, including small stock sizes of 11” x 14”
  • Lightweight material
  • Available in 4-color process


  • Frames are extra
  • Smaller quantities are more costly than corrugated
  • Same imprint on both sides 

#271 & #272 Glued Posters 

Glued Posters - Updated.png

Our Glued Posters are made from 18 point weather-resistant poster board and are the most cost-effective signs for quantities up to 2500.  These posters are pre-glued and ready to slip over the supplied frame.  Because no assembly is required, these are more commonly used for larger campaigns versus the #299 Fold-Over Poster.  These signs can also be used for local and regional campaigns, schools, and retail settings, and are available in two sizes – 22” x 14” and 26" x 16".


  • Quick turn-around time – 6 working days for quantities of 2500 or less
  • Frames are included in the price
  • Available in 4-color process
  • Signs are supplied pre-glued – no assembly required


  • Durability - designed for short-term use 


#8504 Corrugated Signs (Various item numbers available)

 Corrugated Signs

Corrugated Signs are the bulk of all sign orders at Stouse.  The reasons for this are cost, durability and range of sizes.  Made of all-weather corrugated plastic sheeting, this 3/16” thick material is also known as Corroplast.  This sign can fulfill any sign need but is especially popular for political campaigns, service industries and special causes.  This material is extremely durable and has an average outdoor life expectancy of one year.


  • Durability – average outdoor life expectancy of 1 year
  • Most economical sign for quantities under 500
  • Different images on different sides
  • Smaller sizes can double as a hand sign
  • 12 different standard sizes: 4’ x 8’ is the largest size; 18” x 12” is the smallest size
  • Won’t rip, tear or warp


  • Heavier weight than other sign options = higher freight costs
  • More costly than fold-over posters for quantities 500+

These are the most popular sign items at Stouse.  However, they are not the only signs we offer.  Please contact our customer service department for custom quotes if necessary.  Remember to make Stouse your sign headquarters!

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