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Your Guide to Parking Permits

Posted by Kelsey Ingram on Nov 8, 2017 4:12:52 PM

Simply stated, Parking Permits allow approved vehicles to park in designated areas giving staff and visitors a more secure parking area. Permits are popular with schools, hospitals, residential communities, local governments, and large corporations with secure facilities.

At Stouse, we offer a complete line of Parking Permits along with enhancement options, so you can create a product that’s unique to your clients’ needs.

Here are a few of Stouse’s top-selling Parking Permits:

White Vinyl or Reflective Parking Permits are suitable for outdoor use and are typically applied to a vehicle bumper or on the outside of a window. Top markets include schools, hospitals, and apartment complexes.

Parking Permit Window Decals are designed for placement inside of the vehicle window (facing out), and are available in face-adhering clear polyester or static stick material. You also have the option of choosing from traditional square-cut permits or one of six popular die-cut designs. This style of permit is popular with municipalities and residential communities.

Hang Tag Parking Permits hang from the rearview mirror inside the vehicle. Choose from six different shapes and five materials printed in spot colors or 4-color process. Hang tag permits are the most widely used style and popular in nearly all markets due to the durable plastic construction.

There are certain elements we recommend for all Hang Tag Parking Permits:

  1. Place an expiration date on them to improve permit validity. (It also ensures repeat orders!)
  2. Number your permits. The unique number (which can be alphanumeric) adds value and assists in parking enforcement.
  3. Consider using white reflective laminate or adding prismatic foil to deter counterfeiting.
  4. Print your company name and phone number at the top of the permit to make it easy for your customer to reorder.
  5. If budget is an issue, consider selling advertising space to a local business or sponsor to help offset the cost. Print a logo, advertisement, or coupon at the bottom or on the backside of the permit. This is extremely effective for elementary schools using a numbered “Parent Pickup” system at dismissal. The sponsorship helps to offset the cost of the tags.

When it comes to Parking Permits, Stouse has you covered! Get a quote today by calling our customer service team toll free at 877-764-5757 or visit us online at  

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